Erik Satie: Gnossienne no. 4
From a solo recital at USC in 2008. A hauntingly beautiful vignette by a composer who¬† dubbed himself a “phonometrician” – a measurer of sound:

Erik Satie, Gnossienne no. 4 by Tadmor

Francis Poulenc: Imrpovisation in C
From the same 2008 recital. A short, sweet piece naively beginning in C major ventures out to distant keys creating a harmonic kaleidoscope. It ends with Poulenc’s signature question mark:

Francis Poulenc: Improvisation in C by Tadmor

Chopin: Scherzo no. 1 in B minor
An older recording from 2003. This was one of the pieces I had prepared for my audition for the graduate program at USC. Although certain spots in this track make me cringe… I secretly enjoy listening to these early recordings for their raw, unapologetic “chutzpah”:

Chopin: Scherzo no. 1 in B minor by Tadmor

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