LA Choral Lab: 23rd Psalm by Jeffrey Bernstein
Michael Alfera, conductor and Tali Tadmor, pianist

This was part of a Sacred Music concert presented by the LA Choral Lab at First Congregational Church in Los Angeles. I am deeply touched by the composer’s musical setting of this tender Psalm, but even more so by his poetic interpretation of the text:

The earth is my home…
I care for her.
Here I have meadows of green to rest in,
Here I have waters of great stillness to walk beside,
And my soul is restored.

I care for the earth, I care for all others
And I have no enemies
My table is prepared and all are welcome.
From the earth comes everything we need
And I have more than enough…

The earth is rare and precious
Her goodness and mercy will be with me always.

Los Robles Master Chorale: Brightest and Best by Shawn Kirchner
Los Robles Master Chorale is a 100+ voice, pre-professional chorus led by Dr. Lesley Leighton. LRMC is dedicated to premiering new works by budding composers as well as performing the great masterpieces of the choral repertoire. I am lucky to have been LRMC’s staff accompanist for the past three years.

Us piano players LOVE sinking our teeth into anything composed or arranged by Shawn Kirchner! This one is no exception:

Carnegie Hall Performance with Eric Whitacre and DCINY
My performance of Eric’s “i walk the boulevard’ (poetry by e.e. cummings) in Carnegie Hall. If only I could take that piano back with me to LA…:

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